Portable Storage Units -- DELIVERED to YOU

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We at Constanza Containers can provide ground level storage delivered right to your location. Our portable storage containers solve all of your storage needs. They are great for residential, commercial, industrial and retail customers.

OuOur 8'x20' units are just the right size to have when space is limited. They have a 96” double swing door on the side. The benefit of this is that it provides maximum storage space. They are convenient to have at any location such as gas stations, convenient stores, schools, retail stores, camps, restaurants or at home. Long or short term rental is available.

Your everyday activities may require you to purchase a storage container. Feel free to contact us on pricing..

  • Storing Excess Inventory
  • Storage for remodeling jobs
  • Construction Site Storage
  • Equipment Storage
  • Freight Storage
  • Retail Fixtures
  • Household contents
  • Furniture inventory
  • Job Site Storage